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Re: Disarming in the Presence

Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, David KUIJT wrote:

>   It might have its
> place by contrast in a special event (bringing in a known treacherous
> knave, for example) that was specially scripted as theater -- for example,
> at the Great Guido Trial.  But by and large, I think it is neither
> appropriate nor interesting.

Let me add to that. Not only was the Trial of Guido worked out in advance
as theatre; but it was not regular court. Instead, we announced the time
and place for the trial. So we didn't impact on regular court business. 

And as far as disarming goes, Dafydd put a bag over Guido's head before
bringing him in to face justice. I don't remember if Guido's hands were
tied or not. Anyway, he was clearly a prisoner and didn't have so much as
a nailfile on him. Disarming would have been superfluous.

The guards weren't taking any sass that day, either. It was grim. At 
least three of us were treated with Unnecessary Roughness.

Henry Best, 
Attorney for the Defense

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