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Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H Clarke)

I have recently had an experience that I feel is worth sharing.  In Caer
Mear we all have a consistent calibration level.  All of us fighters are
calibrated more or less the same.  I have been fighting for several years
now (4 or 5).  I consider myself an experienced fighter.  I have recently
purchased a new helm.  I had it made for my head.  At my first practice,
this past Thursday, I tried my new helm.  I fought my squire brother
first.  We fought a while and he said "weren't any of those blows good?"
 I said "I didn't feel a thing".  We then preceded to recalibrates me and
my new helm.  I can no longer feel the blows but must listen to the sound
to determine good blows, if I wish to keep the same calibration everyone
is used to.  

I'm new to the net and I'm sure this horse has been beaten to death,
dragged through the mud, beaten again, stomped, mauled and burned.  But,
I felt it was worth sharing.
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