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Fwd: RapierNet- Known World Academy 1997

Poster: William Morris <william.morris@sc.edu>

Subject:     RapierNet- Known World Academy 1997
Sent:        11/11/96 8:30 PM
Received:    11/12/96 10:10 PM
From:        Nataliia, Nataliia@q.continuum.net
Reply-To:    Known Worlde Rapier, sca-rapier@eden.com
To:          Known Worlde Rapier, sca-rapier@eden.com

+ -- RapierNet - From Nataliia <Nataliia@q.continuum.net> --

It's official.

I am pleased to announce that the East Kingdom is hosting the Known World 
Academy of Rapier for 1997 on May 23, 24, 25 and 26 of 1997 (Memorial Day 
Weekend) in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and invite all rapier fighters 
the Known World to come and join in learning, fencing, research and fun.

Please mark this in your calendar.  We have wonderful teachers on 
research and personna development lined up and welcome gentles who would
travel to our wonderful Kingdom to either learn or teach.  If you are 
interested in teaching, or providing me with papers, please feel free to 
contact me.

The site is a beautiful spot with hot showers, camping, shaded areas, 
A-Frames for crashing and teaching in, beautiful Eastern women and 
handsome Eastern men and a glorious field to do what comes naturally - 

This is your chance to be able to have all those fun filled discussions 
Interkingdom anthropology face to face.  This is a great place to come 
together as a group and grow as a community.  We can finally find out 
each other looks like and that we are more similar than we are different.

Autocrat is Baroness Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka
(now you know why I go by Littlest fencer of the East - it's shorter :-)) 
can be contacted either by telephone 860-464-2967 before 10 p.m. E.S.T. or
by email at Nataliia@q.continuum.net if you have a) questions b) answers 
just want to taunt me for being foolish enough for taking this job.

More information to follow as things come together.  Please feel free to
cross post this to other lists as the more people who know about this, the

Nataliia (littlest fencer of the East)

+                  --- --- --- --- End --- --- --- ---
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