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Poster: "Scott F. Vaughan" <vaughan~sf@glaxowellcome.com>

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Hello boys and girls, this is Uncle Efenwealt, and I have a story 
to tell you. Can you say story? I knew you could.

Many months ago at the Siege of Troy, my lady and I met a young 
leather worker whose name I won't mention (but his initials are 
TRISTAN MARQUEZ mka Beren Longstreet). We thought he did pretty 
good work and seemed like a rather upstanding fellow. Maybe I'm 
crazy, maybe I place too much trust in my fellow SCAdians, but, 
we gave him a large sum of cash to make us each a pair of boots. 
He said they should be done in a few weeks to a month.

Time passed. We didn't hear anything from him for about 2 months. 
I decided it would be good contact him. I tried e-mail, phone, 
and mail, all to no avail (hey that rhymes, need to work on the 
meter). We finally caught up with him at Pennsic. He told us all 
about personal/mundane problems he had been having. We felt sorry 
for him and decided to give him another chance. He gave us a 
beautiful belt he had made as collateral and promised he'd get us 
the boots by Crown Tourney.

NOT! (Survey says...XXX, wrong again, you lose, game over.)

Where is this man? I have tried repeatedly to contact him and 
have heard nothing. Nada. Nichts. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Is he still 
alive? At this point I don't really care. I've given him plenty 
of chances. I want my boots or my money. He's had many 
opportunities to get in touch with me (I'm not hard to find). And 
so I would like to offer for sale to the patrons of this fyne 
establishment, the lovely, hand tooled leather girdle he placed 
in our custody. Some of you may have seen it at the Feast of 
Herne. More of you may see it on display at 12th Night at my 
lady's merchant booth. We are offering it for $150 or the highest 

Some of you may think me a bad person for ridiculing him so in 
this public manner (it being a private matter). Maybe he has run 
into difficult times, but business is business. I also maintain 
that public ridicule (stocks, hanging, maiming, etc.) are very 
useful and authentic forms of punishment and should be used 
regularly (just watch the crime rate plummet).

Anyone who knows Tristan may want to pass this missive on to him. 
He can call me at 919-319-1910. Or write to me at:

Scott Vaughan
120-7 Byrum St.
Cary, NC  27511

Tavernkeep! I'll have a Mallard Fizz with a twist of lemming, if 
you please.

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