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Fare Thee Well For a While....

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

Unto the gentles assembled at the Merry Rose, to the loungers in the shopping 
havens of Cheapside, and to the denizens of the Red Dragon Tavern across the 
way, Meli ferch Iasper brings greetings this day.

Among the various and sundry calamities that have hit subjects of Fair 
Atlantia recently, I confess to two: a really bad back injury that had me laid 
up for 4 weeks, and the crisis that hit this morning.  I returned to work only 
to find my position is being eliminated, so this address will go away.  
Hopefully there will be another very soon, and I will return at that time....

First day back, last day on the job.  I love life.... ;-)

Anyway, my best to you all; pray for me I beseech you, as I do pray for you 

Meli ferch Iasper

no longer at sharon@intercon.com,
as of sometime this evening....

Henry, I need instruction on how to be pompous, but not for food.  I'll do it 
for net access.... ;-)

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