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Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

My lords and ladies -

The following is excerpted from a message received through the Eastrealm
mailing list, for those who may be interested:

>[Last updated on: Sat Aug 31 13:11:49 1996]
>Welcome to the weaving list !!  PLEASE SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
>After a successful subscription approval:
>Jump right in and introduce yourself...what are you doing in
>these art-crafts ??  Post a message to the list:
>         To:  weaving@quilt.net
>         Subject: use W (weaving), S (spinning), D (dyeing) plus an
>                appropriate title
>Hope you'll enjoy chatting about weaving, spinning or dyeing.  Please
>note that we don't appreciate discussion about politics nor religion,
>and take all complaints "off the list"...we are a friendly crowd.
>        There are 2 formats for subscription.  Both, if you
>        wish.  The content of each is the same.  The delivery
>        is different.  With digest format, several messages are
>        sent as one single e-mail message.  With individual
>        format, each message is sent immediately as it it
>        posted (give or take a few minutes).
>        To:  majordomo@quilt.net
>        Message:    (un)subscribe weaving-digest
>                            --and/or--
>                    (un)subscribe weaving
>                    end
>        IMPORTANT:  Un-sub only from the address that you used
>        for subscription.
>        Here are the various ways to obtain them:
>        Using a web browser -- http://www.quilt.net/weaving.html
>        Using FTP client -- ftp://www.quilt.net/pub/weaving
>        Using e-mail only:
>               To: majordomo@quilt.net
>               Message:  index weaving-digest
>                         end
>               You'll get a response that lists available digests, then,
>               To: majordomo@quilt.net
>               Message:  get weaving-digest v##.n###
>                         end
>               You can get several digests in a single message, just
>               repeat the "get" (1 per line) before the word "end".
>        Another option, contact Brian:  brianq@io.org
>        NOTE:  digest #759-916 were during a "crash"
>               digest #1000+ are presently nestled between
>                        #365-366 (as of 6-22-96)
>        To:  majordomo@quilt.net
>        Msg: info weaving
>             end

Alasdair mac Iain of Elderslie          Argent, a chevron cotised azure
Dun na Leomhainn Bhig                   surmounted by a sword and in chief
Barony of Marinus                       two mullets sable

James and/or Nancy Gilly

Dogs have Masters.  Cats have staff.

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