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Re: What do you call someone from --- ?

Poster: "Cheryl L. Martin" <zofran@deepthot.cary.nc.us>

On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Alfredo el Bufon wrote:

> Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Alfredo el Bufon)
> Lady Caitilin Cheannlaidir writes, anent Estrella:
> > We've got a small group of Storvikis traveling out that way and would love
> > to know who else from this part of the world will be there.
> Being a newcomer to fair Atlantia, I had not seen the word "Storviki"
> before.  Seeing it now makes me wonder just what other names are used
> for the denizens of the various territories of the Kingdom.  I've made
> some guesses here; am I right about any?
> Windmasters'
>       Hill	- Windmaster


> Buckston-on-
>       Eno	- Buckstonian
We've never used a term for ourselves but I doubt we'd use that one.  
Maybe Buckstoner.

> Kappellenberg	- Kappellenberger


> Elvegast	- Elvegastian


> Attillium	- Attillian

Never heard a term for those guys either.  But I like your choice!

> Ponte Alto	- Afpopa
> Sacred Stone	- Petrasanctensis


> CGSS		- Guardian
> Highland Foorde	- Highlander
> Hidden Mountain	- Hidden Mountaineer
> Marinus		- Marine


(Proud Windmaster)
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