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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com

It seems to me that this debate has become two seperate ones. I did not
consider the law against smoking an offshoot of the desire for authenticity
as much as a law against a health hazard towards the populus as a whole.
Wearing glasses at an event does not physically discomfort any but the
wearer, and for many are a necessary item. Contacts, unlike garb, can not be
only worn one day a week. They are either worn all the time, or become VERY
uncomfortable to wear at all. Cigarette smoking however, is a necessity to NO
ONE. I understand that it is an additiction and a pleasure to many, but if
your pleasure is SO much of an additiction that you cannot leave the room or
go to a seculed area to do it, than you have a real problem and should seek
help. I don't believe that anyone is saying that smokers should have to stop
smoking at events, I believe we are only asking that it be done away from the
public areas where it might cause discomforture to non-smokers. This is
called curtious behavior.

     Another note on the glasses--I wear contacts, but if i am in a room with
smoke, the smoke gets under the lenses and I have to remove them. The only
times I have had to wear glasses at events is WHEN PEOPLE WERE SMOKING.

     One last word--If people point to a glasses wearer in garb and make
comments about how the person looks like a jerk, it makes one person
uncomfortable. If you are smoking in a public area, it can discomfort dozens
around you. Which than is the worse offense.

    In Service,
        Miriam E--

P.S. I think that these should be two seperate threads and smoking has
NOTHING to do with authenticity. Opium use was period. SHould we allow Opium
smoking at events? Oops, we have laws against that, don't we. CHildren
drinking alcohol is period... need I go on.

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