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Modern Personal Conveniences

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>

> At the risk of being long-winded, the real issue at the center of the
> debates which have been going on the past few weeks is this:  a number of
> people are unwilling to give up their modern, personal conveniences for the
> sake of period authenticity and want everyone else to accept that.  I really
> don't believe those seeking authenticity should have to.  Wasn't the search
> for the medieval what SCA was founded on?  If cigarettes are not period,
> don't smoke them at events.  Buy or make a clay pipe and use loose tobacco.
> Get period glasses or wear contacts.  Put your Coke into a period container.
> And so on.


Very well.  I move for the repeal of the following "Modern Personal 

  Personal Hygiene:  To include soaps, shampoo, laundry detergent, 
                     toothpaste, and most perfumes (Anyone for a lice race?)

  Kitchen Hygiene:  To include: Refrigeration, gas/electric cooking, 
                    certified foodstuffs, proper cooking methods and times.

  Medical        :  To include all chiurgions gear (beyond lancets and 
                    leeches), asprin/tylenol/advil, bandaids, etc.

  Religious      :  The SCA _needs_ it's inquisition, withch trials, and 
                    persecution.  Are _you_ a faithful member of the One
                    True Faith? 

  Social         :  The King and Peers _should_ have the right to punish 
                    the wicked and disloyal.  Hanging, Drawing,
                    Quartering, Belling, Boiling etc. _should_ be valid 
                    methods for the Crown and its officers. 

  Sport          :  All weapons shall be replaced with their actual 
                    counterparts.  In case of actual injury, refer to 
                    Medical above.

  Housing/Lodging:  No indoor plumbing, electricity, insulation, modern 
                    building techniques.

   Transportation:  No use of automobiles for transport to or from 
                    events, for any reason, including medical emergency.

  Communication  :  Nothing beyond direct verbal communication or the 
                    written word.

I have said many times before, and will continue to say: THIS IS A GAME.  
If you want to immerse yourself in "True Medieval Splendour" take 
yourself OUT of the SCA and go live off in the country somewhere, free of 
all those troubling Modern Personal Conveniences.  Once you've dealt with 
the TRUTH of medieval life, I think you will be a little more tolerant.

Mind, I am not saying that a coke bottle on the table is acceptable, but 
we have to draw the line somewhere.  The SCA was _NOT_ founded on the 
principles of TRUE MEDIEVAL RECREATION.  It was based on trying to embody 
those ideals (honour, chivalry, courtesy) and ceremonies which are 
_worth_ recreating.

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