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Modern Personal Stuff

Poster: Annejke@prodigy.com (MS MARTHA L WALLENHORST)

>  Any mundanes who saw
>a person in nice period garb but using a wheelchair would say "Who 
>this idiot?".  Don't they have friends who can carry them around in 
>litter or something?  Or if they don't, they should stay home (a 
>more period practice, I'm sure).  All it takes is a little 
>and thought and you too can be authentic.   

I can only hope you jest!  It was this kind of mentality that made me 
fall out of normal SCA events for too many years already.  I just got 
FED UP with the attitude and said to .... with those people who can't 
adjust.  I get far too many comments ALL THE TIME because of my 
handicaps, but only around these parts.  I have never had anyone 
outside of the DC corridor make snide remarks.  It is sad when a 
person has to be in constraints to begin with let alone with people 
making comments.  I was at an event last year in the area where I 
witnessed a nubie, who had tried to the best of her ability to garb 
her self and her family.  She was in India Indian garb of pure silk 
and gold.  Everyone said how beautiful it was, how well she had done 
it, and how sad it was that she looked so crummy because of the cane 
she used to get around!  Needless to say, she, nor her family have 
ever been back.  Courtesy is period even if the modern convinyences 
are not.  Please try to practice this very PERIOD technique if 
nothing else. 

(co-head of House Red oaks - an Interkingdom household dedicated to 
teaching the nubie and helping anyone who asks for it.  Our Household 
motto is You Never Walk, or Eat Alone!)
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