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Re: a little consideration

Poster: Kensei <kensei@concentric.net>

At 11:32 AM 11/25/96 EST, you wrote:
>I reply to the nearby table, whose Victor recently spoke,
>> what a period poor person would have probably have done.  And wheelchairs,
>> how can people actually show to events with these.  Any mundanes who saw
>> a person in nice period garb but using a wheelchair would say "Who is 
>> this idiot?".  Don't they have friends who can carry them around in a 
>> litter or something?  Or if they don't, they should stay home (a much 
>> more period practice, I'm sure).  All it takes is a little consideration
>> and thought and you too can be authentic.   
>--->I guess that any non-SCAdian seeing a garbed individual in
>a wheelchair would look twice due to the garb.  Why should anyone,
>mundane or not, care whether or why one uses a wheelchair?  Why
>suppose that people outside of the organization would understand
>less than we that certain modern assistance can improve one's
>ability to educate and recreate?  Most of the people I have known
>try to be more sensitive than responding to different ways of
>living with "idiot."  Alas, not all.
>					Susanna(

I believe the juxtaposition of obvious modern personal --conveniences-- with
the medieval was the issue...not modern --necessities--.  Glasses are an
interesting case on the borderline:  they are necessary, but low-key or
invisible alternatives can be found.  Many other glaring modernities are the
same way.  I do not believe that necessities along the lines of wheelchairs
would be frowned on by authenticity mavens, however.  Victor does pen a nice
satire, though.

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