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Re: Modern Personal Stuff

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.mitre.org>

>That Victor seems to be one evil man.  He must be one of those who kicks the
>crutches out from cripples, too.  <---(FYI:  The foregoing is a satire of
>the original satirist.)

  Ok, so there's been apologies and forgiveness all around, our sword 
saint* is not quite as hardnosed as one post made him seem, and I've
been compared to Jonathon Swift.  True, Victor still seems pretty evil, 
but we can ignore him since I'm actually Virgil, A Real Nice Guy (TM).  

  I guess what got me about Kensei's post were two attitudes that he 
appeared to be promoting.  Namely, that if you can't look the part you
are offensive to those around you and if the mundanes see you they'll 
think we are idiots rather than lost actors.  Actually, on looking at it, 
these are basically the same...that you shouldn't participate because of
what those around you will think.  Admittedly, his later posts do not 
reflect this nor would I assume that someone in the SCA would actually
believe that (though judging by some of the posts, I fear that I may be
wrong in that assumption).

  The main point, has been said, is for study and re-enactment.  Since
we also are here for enjoyment,  rather than because we are getting paid
or hope to get a degree, it is basically a social club.  Though saying 
with a theme makes it seem like we just toss on some fancy clothes while
we enjoy our cocktails.  Maybe a social club with an education purpose.
So we appreciate those who have taken the time (and money) to look fully
the part, encourage those who are still trying, and learn to have a blind
spot for those who are unable or not as strongly compelled (since not 
everyone's passion is a strong as the next).  Admittedly, I fall into the
last category.  I went to many events in T-tunic and jeans, at first 
because of newness and lack of money, later because of habit and not
having someone I could easily ask to make me garb.  I also gave up
fighting early on, since I was tired of borrowing armor and couldn't
afford my own.  I have gotten better and finally have garb that fits
my persona.  And, if I no longer have the inclination to be hit on the
head repeatedly, I have become an archer of common skill.  But I don't
have a yew long bow (well, yet :) and I still wear glasses.  

  Hmm, I'm not sure I'm heading anywhere.  Most of what I've said, others
have already posted.  We all would like it to look perfect.  Unfortunately
most of us can't afford (in one sense or another) to be so.  So we try
to be considerate to others.  And now I'm going to quit while I'm not to 
far behind. :)


* hmm, or is that kensai...I get confused.
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