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Re: Penny Whistles

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Alianora wrote:
> Writes Rosine:
> >    I'd like to learn something that can be portable, blend well with
> > voice (duets with my friends), and can come in handy for dance (figuring
> > that if I'm going to sit on the sidelines, I might as well be useful).
> A C whistle will certainly be portable and would make an excellent 
> addition to a dance band - for accompanying vocal performance it will 
> probably not be so good, as it has a limited and rather high range, 
> although with a little creativity, you could probably manage.

Alternatively you could order what is commonly called today the low
whistle. It's sort of a baritone version of the standard penny whistle,
being an octave lower. Given that it's not as high a range as the standard
whistle it might be better for accompanying a voice. The low whistle
has a haunting sound to it (for a good example of the low whistle pick
up any recordings by Davey Spillane, an Irish piper who also plays the
low whistle). In fact, to allow yourself more range, you can pick up
one in D and one in C. These are the most commonly found tunings, and
I believe the fingering will be identical between them.

As Alianora said, you can probably order them through the House of Musical
Traditions here in Takoma Park. Next time you're coming up to Storvik
give me a call and we can arrange to get you over there.

In service,

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