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Re: What do you call someone from --- ?

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

At 12:35 1-12-96 +0000, jghent@vt.edu (James Ghent) wrote:
> I shan't take offense to that.  I won't even make a smart comment back, for
> I was always told it is in poor taste to make those chauffer you around
> angry at you.
> Ella Susana of Lille
> a marine in real life
> James Ghent
> Ragnar Reinulf

You refer, of course, to the people driving those bloody great targets....

Alasdair mac Iain
Who finds baiting skimmers even more fun than baiting Marines, who at least
serve some sort of purpose. :)

James and/or Nancy Gilly

Reunite Gondwanaland!

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