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> A C whistle will certainly be portable and would make an excellent 
> addition to a dance band - for accompanying vocal performance it will 
> probably not be so good, as it has a limited and rather high range, 
> although with a little creativity, you could probably manage.

If you buy a C pennywhistle, though, you might want to find music for 
recorder, as most of the pennywhistle books I've seen have music 
written for the D pennywhistle (the beginning level books, at 
least...but I'm a rank amateur with a pennywhistle.  VERY rank!!! 
<g>)  Of course, if you know enough about music to look at something 
written in D or G, can ignore the "this is how you finger this note" 
diagrams, and transpose it into C, it probably doesn't matter what 
book you're using to learn!

> Cheers,
> Alianora
> who knows *way* too many musicologists

Hi Alianora!  How're things in Scotland these days?  <envy envy>


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