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Addendum to Kensei's Last Post on the Authenticity Fiasco

Poster: Kensei <kensei@concentric.net>

Just to close the loop (if anyone is interested) on Authenticity sub-thread
fiasco, here follows the unexpurgated text of my private note to Temp
Receptionist.  As portions have already been made public by her without my
foreknowledge or consent, I hereby complete the process. 


>Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 22:07:40
>To: Temp Receptionist <DC.TEMP@novell.com>
>From: Kensei <kensei@mail.concentric.net>
>Subject: Re: A HERETIC'S view on Reasonable Authenticity  -Reply
>At 01:29 PM 11/26/96 -0700, you wrote:
>>>>frankly, I would wonder why someone would be spending money on
>>>>SCA if they
>>>>were in a serious economic position with bills and kids...but that's their
>>obviously my dear you do consider it you business...else why such a
>>caustic aside?
>My remark was not meant caustically; it was a personal
observation/rhetorical question.  I'm sorry if it offends you personally.
The foregoing said, my dear, since you took the time to give me your
rationale for joining the SCA, I will be glad to provide additional comments
>>I will tell you why a mother with a child,more bils than you can shake a
>>stick at, a 20 year old car, part time temporary work,an exhusband who
>>feels childsupport is an option to be excersized at his discretion,and
>>chronic health problems would be spending money on s.c.a.
>>my budget,if you can call it that has no real allowance for "entertainment"
>>but on the other handmy child would see nothing of the world or other
>>people if I did not take her somplace besiede school and church. a movie
>>costs $8.00 a pop in this area...a week end camping event usually  costa
>>about 15.00 for adutls , less for a child and there is usually a meal
>>included..my child spends at lease a day if not 1 + playing in the fresh
>>air or at least with her friend,being polite to people, eating good food and
>>seeing exsamples of decent adult behavior and enjoying the experience.
>>our  lives are pretty drabe most of the time...and money problems are
>>over whelming a lot of the time..but we deserve as much as anyone to
>>escape and we get more for our money than  a lot of other avenues
>>would giveus. I see the s.c.a. as cheaper than long term syciatric care
>>for stress related problems.as far as accourements to be able to keep
>>the gasps from being truly upset? we go dumpster diving..especialllly
>>closing day at pennsic. we also buy a lot of fabric that is recycleable at
>>the salvation army in the drapery department...6 dollars for a room full of
>>drapes can make a couple of dandy houpelands still make pouches for
>>12th night presents. I trade, barted and merchant to be able to afford
>>these little escapes from what I feel is a really harsh  world .I get to be
>>pretty, my skills and  abilities are valued and my child is safer than many
>>other places in this country. Those are feelings and memories that make
>>the drudgery worth it,life rather than exsistance.
>>you should really try being a bit less judgemental ...what was that about
>>a mile  walked in anothers moccasins?
>>maria beatriz  la mora
>>dumpster diver ,slavation army bargain hunter and rice and beans cook
>>you wanted comments bubbie...you GOT EM!
>I'm glad that SCA provides so much for you and your child.  I'm was not
knocking your participation, or that of anyone else's, should financial
straits arise.  Furthermore, I get rather angry at being accused of being
"judgmental".  If you don't like an opinion, fine, say so.  To judge
someone, however, is to get personal--which I was not.  
>I'm sorry you have financial troubles.  I'm sorry life is so harsh.
There's not much I can say or do other than express my hope that things will
improve for you.  As you are able to make ends meet for you and your child,
participate in SCA, and obtain emotional, material, and spiritual assistance
from SCA, more power to you.  What I was thinking about when I made the
comment that so upset you are those participants who cannot afford SCA--in
either time or money--yet participate to the detriment of themselves and
their families.  In other words, how do --really-- poor people have the time
to participate in SCA instead of working two or more jobs, if necessary, to
provide a better life for their children?  
>As you are not one of those people, by your own admission, I can't see how
you perceived my remark to be directed at you.  Hence, best of luck to you
in your future SCA endeavours. 

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