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Re: MR: Oyez

Poster: Bryn Watkins <bryn@tibinc.com>

>Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Alfredo el Bufon)

>There is an entry for "oye", but it's the singular
>form ("Hear thou" instead of "Hear ye") which I
>suppose was used for _really_ poorly-attended

When I lived in England mundanely, my class-mates used Oy (not that they
could spell anything else either) to get a mate's attention.  I can't
offhand recall any instances of them using it to get the attention of
multiple people, but it might have been done.  My class was widely
representative of the UK population as a whole, and if I were forced to
examine trends, it was more the english guys who used it, as opposed to the
welsh or scottish guys (we had 2 native welsh speakers in the class, out of
28 people, by the way).  So it's still being used mundanely over there,
rather a lot.  They also used cack-handed to describe a left-hander (cack
is, according to a completely unrelated source, excrement), which is very
medieval also.  There are lots of medieval words in use in the UK today,
although I can't offhand think of any more such concrete examples. 
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