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Re: This is important - Not A Joke

Poster: Matthew Davidson <mld3b@faraday.clas.virginia.edu>

A lone humanist raises his head from a dog-eared copy of Petrarch in 
the back of the tavern. He's been meaning to be more sociable to the 
tavern's regulars, but has just been to busy. But now...

I'm afraid, Miriam (do I have the right person?) that the requests 
for votes on the neo-nazi newsgroup have long since past. I'm fairly 
sure, though I don't have the source on me, that it occured in 1994. 
Since then, I guess someone thought they would stir up some mischief 
by reposting it, and well-meaning people everywhere have run with it. 
One way you can tell is that there is no mention of when the vote 
closes, which would strike me as fairly important.

Sla/n,  Ciaran
Ciaran the Confuse
"And as we KNOW, it's all fun and games until THAT happens!"
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