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Fwd: Events/money/profit/etc

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

Anarra remarks:

> (I hate Compuserve's lack of copying replies!)

I have this problem too with DaVinci.  I discovered yesterday that I can 
get around this by hitting the "forward " button instead of the "reply" 
button.  Then I just have to type in the address again.  Maybe this will 
work for you.

She warns of impending Heresy:

>Does an event *have* to have a feast?  Would it work to have events in 
>that allowed for great tourneys but no feast?  Great Dancing and A&S but 

Good point.  We tried this in Kappellenberg many moons ago in September 
1993) with our first and last Cerberus Tourney.

It was a beautiful site with a circle of wooded (pines) camp sites 
grouped around an open field, all on the edge of Jordan Lake.  We had the 
large baronial pavillion (heard many new and interesting swearwords 
whilst helping to put it up) and our baronial benches. 

We brought a large pot of stew which was heated up and served in boules 
(small round loaves of bread) with a space scooped out to hold the stew.  
We also had spinach filo turnovers and blueberry turnovers.  The food was 
sold rather than included in a feast fee.  

The fighting eric was encircled by haybales, which added amazingly to the 
ambience of the site and provided plenty of seating before and after the 
book-end bearpit tourney.  The prizes were 3 heater shields.

We had a small fencing tourney (very small - only two fencers).  The 
prize was a basket with 4 wine goblets etched with the logo  of the 

We also had a Cerberus theme quest for teams of 5which took place in the 
woods.  The prize was a hand-tooled belt for each member of the winning 

It ended up being a small event because of snags with the advertising 
(details withheld to protect the innocent).  We had about 70 people, but 
there were some colorful pavillions, and it was one of the most 
attractive events I've ever been to.  I was surprised and pleased when 
several parents told me afterwards what a wonderful children's event we 
had put on.

In the evening we had over a dozen people swimming in the lake (Toss the 
Duchess takes on a whole new dimension when you're nekkid).

We took a bath on the finances (mostly from the prizes), but in my 
opinion, it was worth it.

So there.


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