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Re: Death and the Maiden

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Bryce wrote:
>              I was just wondering if anyone out there had the
>documention for "death and the maiden", which was on a CD recently loaned
>to me (Thanks Aedon! I'll get that Music of the Crusades back as
>soon as I/Niall/Susanna can find it amoung the few remaining
>boxes... :) ) I believe the artist was called the David Renbourne
>Group.(Highly recomended!)
>It begins...
>"As I walked out out, one day,one day
>I met an old man along the way.
>His head was bald and his face was grey,
>His clothing made of the cold earth and clay,
>His clothing made of the cold earth and clay."

I don't have documentation on the song, but the artist is John Renbourne.
The song is on an album (tape actually) of his called A Maid in Bedlam, and
is titled on this recording Death and the Lady. As I only own a tape there
are no liner notes for me to look at. I'd check into finding a CD which
would have liner notes and might even have some reference to the song's
origins. John Renbourne is wonderful and I highly recommend anything he's
recorded. Another of his works is called Ship of Fools. A nice collection of
pieces including the Traveller's Prayer, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi.

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