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Re: Well it finally happened-reply (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Tamar dixit:
>Ego dixi: 
> > Ah. The picture's somewhat clearer. I must note, FWIW, that
> > merely having the same name as an armiger does not entitle one to
> > his arms. See also Legh v. Leigh, 1636, Earl Marshal's Court.
> > However, you've been thinking correctly-in Scotland, such as you
> > have done-composing the coat of arms of a stranger in blood from
> > elements of the clan's coat-is not unfrequently done.
> > Incidentally, you can send the check and paperwork by mail, and
> > also get heraldic consultation via email. Drop me a line.
> My Lord, may I respectfully point out that you are making an assumption
> not in evidence.  You have assumed that the gentleman is claiming descent
> from a family without proof; in fact, he stated that it is his family.
> It is entirely possible that he _ can _ prove it is his family, and that
> he has the right to bear the arms mundanely undifferenced and only
> differenced them because that is the rule of the SCA College of Heralds
> (as did Lester del Rey with his own family's arms).

You are correct-that's rather a broad jump to a conclusion I just
made. If I am wrong, I apologize-it is not very common to find
mundane armigers, esp. in America. 

Turning red in a green tabard, I am,

Craig Levin
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