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Re: [MR] Sheep

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Alfredo el Bufon)

Miriam Esther bat Issachar wrote,

>     the poor sheep isn't dead yet. You seem to be dividing the spoils! Brok
> will be using the bladder, and the stomach, and the bones, so this time we
> will probobly NOT be giving away pieces part. If anyone wants to taste the
> Haggis however, let us know.

This reminds me of the story of the Little Red Hen:

When the LRH asks for volunteers for each of the subtasks
of breadmaking (planting, harvesting, milling, etc), each
of her barnyard mates says, "Not I", but when she asks,
"Who will eat the bread?", each one says, "I will".

Or, to put it more exactly:

ANNOUNCE (Little_Red_Hen, "Let's make some bread");
FOREACH subtask IN ("plant the wheat",
                    "tend the wheat",
                    "harvest the grain",
                    "thresh the grain",
                    "mill the flour",
                    "stoke the oven",
                    "bake the bread")
         ASKS (Little_Red_Hen, "Who will", subtask);
         FOREACH friend IN (Pig, Sheep, Cow, Dog, Cat, Horse)
            SAYS (friend, "Not I");
      ALONE_MUST (Little_Red_Hen, subtask);
ASKS (Little_Red_Hen, "Who will", "eat the bread");
FOREACH friend IN (Pig, Sheep, Cow, Dog, Cat, Horse)
      SAYS (friend, "I will");

This story of the haggis seems to be the reverse.

-- Alfredo
Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Into Tuskane he turnes  when thus wel timed,
Takes townes full tite  with towres full high;
Walles he welt down,  wounded knightes,
Towres he turnes,  and tourmentes the pople,
Wrought widowes full wlonk  wrotherayle singen,
Oft werye and weep  and wringen their handes;
And all he wastes with war  there he away rides;
Their welthes and their wonninges  wandreth he wrought!
    -- Alliterative Morte Arthure

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