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Thanks for the responces

Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H Clarke)

My sincere thanks to all who resonded to the question on fealty that I
brought up.  Yes, I could have asked people privately and gotten a few
responces.  I really wanted to get the feeling from the whole Kingdom on
how different people felt about this particular question, and how other
areas handle it.

Some people feel that I am trying to cause problems for Barons who remain
Squires.  Let me make this perfectly clear, on the Net.  I HAVE NO SUCH
INTENTION!!  My question was a good one to put on the net.  It has
helped to educate me and I believe many other people as well.

>From the amount of responces I have received, people are more than
willing to talk about the subject of fealty.  It is a good subject for
open communication.  I have learned alot more in the last few days on
this subject than I could have by attending many, many events.

Again, my thanks for all responces.

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