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A&S class in Northern VA

Poster: Annejke@prodigy.com (MS MARTHA L WALLENHORST)

For anyone who is interested, I will be starting a new A&S class 
series.  It is open to everyone who is interested.  The first one 
will be Tuesday March 25 at 7:30 at Lady Rivka bat Efriam's in 
Montclair, just off of 95.

The first one will be on the Care And Feeding of Paint Brushs.  Bring 
your brushes (no matter how gross) and after we discuss the life, 
liberty and persuit of the common brush I will talk about the types 
of brushes to use and why.  I will also go into toxic problems and 
how to make your own.  Then we will learn how to save old brushs that 
have been abused.  I have not done this class for the local SCA for 
several years and have heard lots of chat about what to do and how 
much money they are losing to the brush gods.  I hope I can fix some 
of that.  

The next class will be on paints, period and modern.  I will cover 
the differences and similarities.  I have given this series before 
and if the interest lasts I will also do paper (one night on modern, 
one night on making), canvas, glues and gessos.  I can keep going if 
folk are interested.

If you would like more information please e-mail me for directions, 
or call me at home.  I will be glad to help you get there.

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