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Poster: "Gary Bryers" <gbryers@conterra.com>

In a previous missive, Baroness Kielyn responded:
> William Morris wrote:
> > I believe the difficulty lies in the fact that a "kingdom wide meeting"
> > is to be held...somewhere up north.  For some of us who would like to
> > attend, it's a 10 hour drive or more.  Hardly conducive to getting a
> > representation of the populous.

And the response included:
> At the seneschal's meeting at Unevent we discussed the need to hold this
> meeting.  Having had no volunteers  to host it, and having Curia already
> scheduled after Crown Tourney (and even farther north)...

This brings up another point:  Twice now (including the upcoming Curia),
this important meeting will have been held at one end of the Kingdom.  And
though I do not doubt that some intrepid soul will strive to travel that
great distance, in order to see that the south remains represented, it
remains beyond the abilities and/or resources of many of us down here to
drive that great distance for a single weekend.  As it is, things happened
at the last Curia that I am only now hearing about, and I am not sure what
else was decided for or against, or even the total of what was discussed. 
And now I am faced with yet another Curia that I will be unable to attend,
due to distance.
   With no disrespect intended to the Crown, past, present or future, I
find this to be terribly inconsiderate to hold such an event at one side of
the kingdom or another.  And yes, to be fair, I would not want Curia held
down here, either, for the same reasons.  Why cannot this all-important
meeting be conducted in the middle somewhere, where all have an equal
chance of attending?

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