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travel & etc.

Poster: dhritter@newmail.dukepower.com (David H Ritterskamp)

     On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, Wynn Klosky <klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU> wrote:
     >Poster: Wynn Klosky <klosky@meeker.UCAR.EDU>
     >On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, David H Ritterskamp wrote:
     >>      Has anybody tried to figure out what would be ideal travel 
     time to an 
     >>      event, and then thought about making all the kingdoms that 
     >>      That might make for smaller, but more personalized kingdoms.  
     >>      Personally, I know very few northerners, and I'm sure they're 
     just as 
     >>      aware of me.  Mightn't each side be happier with its own 
     >That's an interesting method, as my physics prof was wont to say, but
     >you are forgetting that different people have different ideas of 
     >travel time. Myself, I think nothing of the 8-hour jaunt to 
     >from where I live, down to El Paso is a REALLY long trip. Some folks
     >in the same town think that Colorado Springs is their outer limit (2
     >hours if you are stuck behind the anti-destination league).
     [Obviously, some research would be called for.  Pollings and the 
     >Also, I would be greatly saddened if my kingdom were to suddenly 
     >to even 6 or 7 hours across -- we would lose the diversity in people 
     >talents that makes the Outlands the jewel that it is.
     [I have to differ with you there - if we used that same logic all the 
     time, the entire SCA would consist of the Kingdom of the West, and 
     various outposts.]
     >>      Just as the mistake was made with whichever kingdom was out 
     west and 
     >>      split lengthwise, instead of across the middle (thus having 
     two TALL 
     >>      kingdoms with 14 hours travel time end to end instead of 
     cutting them 
     >>      in half horizontally, thus cutting travel time in half) it 
     would be 
     >Well, *YOU* may think it's a mistake (incidentally, if you are 
     >Atenveldt, it was actually split into more than two: Atenveldt, 
     >Outlands), but those of us who don't have to cross the Rocky 
     >to get to an event sure don't -- don't forget that geography 
     >includes PHYSICAL barriers. It's a heck of a lot easier to hump over
     >Raton Pass going south/north than it is to skirt the Continental 
     >each time, thanks...
     [Thanks for correcting me on that one - I had NO idea why they did it 
     that way.  But don't you wonder at that, even so?  I mean, top to 
     bottom, how many hours is it?  I doubt that anyone intended for it to 
     STAY that way; hopefully they had future expansion in mind.]
     >>      possible to separate Atlantia (or any other kingdom, for that 
     >>      in such a way as to minimize the geographical problems.  I 
     would guess 
     >>      that the split would be between Richmond and Raleigh, and 
     >>      Black Diamond and points north.  Geographically speaking, that 
     >>      probably works best.  
     >Gosh, all my Black Diamond blood boils at that one. I think you can't
     >*just* look at travel time when you talk about splitting kingdoms: 
     you must
     >also match cultural differences. Back when I was there (I think 
     >after rocks were soft, but before stew?), Black Diamond was much more
     >a cultural match for points north than points south; sure, times 
     >but I think groups on the border need to be allowed to make their own
     [That's my opinion, not necessarily backed up by any research.  See 
     Rebuttal #1 on pollings, etc.]
     >>      Of course, why use geographical breakdowns when we can 
     squabble over 
     >>      it forever?
     >Hmmmm...you seem to be trying to bully your point through here -- I 
     >submit that geographical breakdowns may be a good starting point, but 
     >that further discussion will not lead to endless squabbling, unless 
     >involved parties are only so inclined. Obviously, such was not the 
     >in Ealdormere or Artemesia...
     [Trust me on this one - when the Merry Rose starts trying to discuss a 
     northern principality, it gets ugly, and stupid, and useless, usually 
     fairly quickly.  (q.v. the archives)]
     >>      Personally, if I had realized that Pointless War was going to 
     be held 
     >>      at a site that was 10+ hours away, I doubt I'd have gone.
     >And perhaps you'd have attended an event closer to home and brought 
     >joy and good company instead. We must all make these choices in the
     >SCA, and in Real Life. Learning not to bitch and moan about them is
     >when we pass from adolescence into adulthood.
     [See what I mean?  I didn't consider anything I said to be even CLOSE 
     to derogatory, and you think I'm bitching and moaning.  If stating 
     one's opinions as one see fit constitutes "bitching and moaning" then 
     we're all in big trouble.  I was simply tossing more info into the 
     pot...I can do that, can't I?
     I did/have done just fine at all three Pointless Wars I've attended, 
     though; I'm just constantly surprised at what constitutes an 
     "acceptable" site.]
     >branwynn ottersby
     >Furriner from One of Them Thar Long Skinny Kingdoms
     Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
     House O'Shannon
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