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Re: pre-pennsic booklet

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.mitre.org>

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>i might have missed something along the way, but is there a place where
>i can request a copy, or get one mailed, or web etc. that has the
>pre-registration form availible?

Greetings Sylvana,

  You might want to wait a week or two before ordering since people are just
now starting to receive the booklets, but if anyone does need one, Folo just
posted the following on the Middle Kingdom's list.


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For anyone who wants a pre-Pennsic booklet, send requiests to me. Include 
a sase or stamps for a copy; one copy per request unless you have a good 
reason! The rate is 55 cents for delivery in the United States, 72 cents 
for Canada.

Please pass this on!


F.L.Watkins - Damin de Folo - folo@prairienet.org
Baron Wurm Wald (SCA) - Commander, Baldwin's Reg't (NWTA)

"I can't hide / my sexual life" --Everclear

From:  "F.L. Watkins" <folo@prairienet.org>

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