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Photographs please

Poster: " Arawynn  KWienand-Vaughan" <arawynn@hotmail.com>

Greetings shoppers of Atlantia!

This is a call for many of you who have purchased garb or accessories from me
over the years. I am putting together a portfolio of my work in the SCA and
haven't kept many pictures. If you have an Arawynn cloak, tunic, puch, hat,
hood, etc (should have a tag inside that says "made by Lady Arawynn" or "made
by Kirsten W Vaughan" or you know bought it at Between the Worlds, from me or
my husband Efen) please send a picture of you wearing your item.

If you're not sure if I made it, could you send a picture anyway, or describe
it to me? I know at least 40 or so of you have cloaks I've made! 

This is partially for Emerald Joust (CV display) so anything you can get to me
before Memorial Day would be excellent!

With great appreciation for all of you who have supported me in my merchanting
effort (and helped pay the bills.) Thank you!

Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall, A lady of a lady in Eleanor's Cool 12th century
court. ( seemstress, merchant, minstrel.)

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