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Re: rail chunks/anvils

Poster: Cole <missemma@coastalnet.com>

David H Ritterskamp wrote:
> Poster: dhritter@newmail.dukepower.com (David H Ritterskamp)<<<snip>>>>
>      And if anybody hears anything on the news about trains mysteriously
>      derailing, I DENY EVERYTHING...
>      In Service (definitely not in it for the money - these things are
>      HEAVY)
>      Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
>      House O'Shannon

Heavy....Heavy...HEAVY!!!! You left me to put that crazy thing in my
car at Southern War Practice, which was fine I could flirt enough to 
get some kind Lord to put the damn thing in, but what you didn't say 
and I forgot was I had to get the wlonkin' thing out of the car when
I got home.  I almost never got that thing picked up and wedged out of
the car. It sat in my front yard for 3 days!!!!  
They aren't heavy, they are extreamly heavy!!! <grin>

Love ya... mean it.

Emma L.
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