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Poster: dhritter@newmail.dukepower.com (David H Ritterskamp)

     Since I taught two combat archery-related classes at University, I've 
     been snowed under with requests for help, teaching, or just whatever 
     information I could relay.
     In response to a much larger demand than I ever anticipated, I have 
     communicated with HRH Cuan my request to officially schedule another 
     Combat Archery 101 class for the Sunday after TRHs Coronation.  He has 
     Graciously [pun intended] agreed.  
     Therefore, please see to it that this e-mail is given widest 
     dissemination.  I will basically be re-teaching the class I gave at 
     University, and there is no class limit.  No equipment is needed.  All 
     that's required is a genuine interest in learning combat archery, and 
     how to be of the best use in combat situations.
     Some information for those of you who may not know:  Combat archery is 
     also perfectly suitable for use with rapier scenarios.  You don't have 
     to be a fencer in order to arch with fencers; however, if you're a 
     fencer and you'd like to arch as well, you can do both. 
     Anyway, that's basically it; anybody who's interested in learning more 
     about combat archery, feel free to track me down on Saturday, or ask one 
     of the locals (Master Terafan or Sir Korby are two to start with) for a 
     copy of the map to the location we'll be using.  
     AT THIS POINT it is not clear what location will be used.  MAPS WILL BE 
     I'm the tall person wearing O'Shannon colors (wavy black/gold quarterly)
     RSVP ASAP so I have some idea of how many people will be there!  
     Thanks, and please see to it that this message goes to as many people 
     as possible, including local seneschals if nothing else.
     If somebody could cross-post to the Red Dragon as well, I'd appreciate 
     In service,
     Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
     House O'Shannon
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