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Re: fubawaba

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swannh@psi.com>

> Poster: HsDarkRose@aol.com 
>                 From what I know of Falcone, he is a good person and 
> I don't believe that he meant fubwaba as an insult to heavy people.  
> Me being one myself.  I feel that he meant to use it as a term to 
> describe an unpleasant attitude that some people have.  Because as I 
> see it the SCA is made up of people from all walks of life.  And as we 
> all know every person has the potential to let the "big ugly monster" 
> show from time to time, whether it be in malicios rumors, jealousy, 
> and just flat out backstabbing.  So I would just hope that no one 
> else large, small, or inbetween would take the term fubwaba to heart as 
> a personal insult. As I repeat, I am a large person and I did not take 
> his comment that way at all. 
>                                                                     Sincer
>                                                        ly,  Lady 
>                                                        Muirghein Ui 
> Fhearghail 
A good point, my Lady.  I just wish that term would go out of fashion.  My 
apologies to my Lord Falcone if my reaction was a bit extreme.  I just feel 
that term lacks the sort of courtesy we would all like to enjoy.


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