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two rivers challange lost and found

Poster: viking@csra.net

Greetings, to all at the Merry Rose from Lord Robert the Forgotten.

I wish to thank everyone who attended twin rivers challange/ Nottinghill
quill baronaly birthday.  The following is a list of items that where found
during cleanup.  If you recongnize any of these items please contact me for
there return. I can be reached at this email address.


Two Banners 
1. black and yellow with 3 crosses on it. (A herald I'm NOT)
2. purple black and yellow, with cross on it. 
3. two hats one straw and one black with black and white checks
4. one, size 7 childs pink pants with ONE keds show.
5. one pair black pants 
6. one CD of dance music

If you or anyone you know has lost these items, please contact me and I
will get them back you to ASAP.  Thanks To all that attended this event, a
grand time was had by all.

P.S.  It was Kudzu in the court area, NOT poison ivy.

In service always;

Robert  >>>--------[]

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