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Period World Costume book (by an italian)

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Pulled form the An Tir list and forwarded for those who are interested.

        - Anarra

>Hello everyone-
>A few days ago, I mentioned that I had a period costume survey, and that I
>would be happy to share the contents...
>The book was written (by an Italian) and published in the last decade of
>16th century.
>The book is Dover, ISBN 0-486-23441-X  Vecellio's Renaissance Costume Book...
>The original title translates (in my less than perfect italian) to:
>and modern
>of all the world
>The pictures are "engravings", I wouldn't use them as a sole source to base
>a costume on, but they do give a really good idea as to the differences in
>rank and area in a specific costume.
>The chapter headings are
>France, Spain, and England
>Northern Europe
>Germany and Central Europe
>Eastern Europe, including European Turkey
>Here's the summary of the engravings:
>Italy - Starts with the Pope and cardinals (heh...) shows "ancient roman",
>few middle ages costumes, then shows several different kinds of costume
>all areas and ranks in Italy.
>France, Spain, and England - in the Spain/Portugal area, there are three
>illustrations of people from Granada (the carribean).  The man seems to be
>wearing european clothes, the Woman is wearing European men's clothes with
>big round cape over it, and the "Girl" is wearing a loincloth and cape,
>at the front
>Northern Europe - has some interesting pictures of native laplander costume...
>Germany and Central Europe - has some peasant styles
>Eastern Europe, including European Turkey - Shows some turkish men and
>in what seems to be their popular style
>Africa - As imaginable, most of the Northern (moors, egyptian, ethiopian)
>pictures are of an European influence, the "native" style is pretty much
>unchanged from the "stereotype"
>Arabic, Persian - funny, but most of the people in the pictures seem to be
>wearing "medieval" garb...the tunic look is hot  :)
>Chinese - lady in a "kimono", some pictures of people from the "indies"
>America - Peruvians, Mexicans, Nicaraguans - all these are dressed in a
>Greek/Roman "Toga-esque" style.  The floridians are wearing loincloths and
>jewelery, have many tatoos (not much has changed, huh?  :)  )
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