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Looking for Anne of Carthew

Poster: Joyce Baldwin <jocetta@ibm.net>

Greetings m'lords, m'ladies!

I am trying to get in touch with Anne of Carthew (Barbara Bilodeaux) 
about some songbooks she had at last session of University. I got an 
email address but my mail to her bounced so obviously I either got it 
wrong or it has changed.

If you're here (the torches in this tavern don't provide the best 
lighting) or if someone knows an address where I could reach her I'd 
greatly appreciate it. 

My thanks to you all-

Jocetta Thrushleigh

Oh, and by the way, as I mentioned a little while ago - Boat Wars 
(at Buckston on Eno) is May THIRD (3'RD) **NOT**  May 24'th as printed in 
the Acorn.  Ooops - pass this on, please!

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