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Re: Known World Academy of the Rapier - Event announcement

Poster: "ches" <ches@io.com>

I am awaiting art to replace the current Steppes Heraldry that is
appearing on there now. It will be changing to a blank shield until
someone can send me the heraldry. Just send me a non-heraldic
description along with the heraldic description of the Barony's
symbol and I will make one happily.


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: Subject: Known World Academy of the Rapier - Event announcement
: Date: Sunday, February 23, 1997 5:44 AM
: KNOWN WORLD ACADEMY OF THE RAPIER - East Kingdom - May 23 - 26
: ----------------------------END OF EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT----------
: The web site for KWAR is located at:
: www.io.com/~ches/rapier.html
: and will contain the class schedule and information as it is
: Please cross post as you like.  Thank you.
: Please be aware that I am not on all of the lists listed above, so
: questions should be sent directly to Nataliia@uconect.net.
: Thanks for your patience.
: Nataliia
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