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Pennsic merchanting info

Poster: "Carey, Daniel M            VBO" <Carey@Federal.Unisys.COM>


I have requested from the Pennsic folks a merchanting application, but have 
received nothing as of yet.  The deadline for submitting applications is the 
end of this month.

Does anyone out there have a blank (or even non-blank) application which 
they can fax to me?  (If it is non-blank, I can just white-out the 
appropriate parts.)

If you have such, please respond to me either directly via e-mail 
 (carey@federal.unisys.com) or phone (757-431-6021) or fax (757-463-8411) 
and you shall earn my eternal and embarassingly effusive thanks.

 --Pascal Merredy
(Dan Carey)

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