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Re:Lyrics: Mooselodge Song...

Poster: "Angela Neel - Lucent ASCC" <angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>

Well, milady... my song book is in my head... perchance my memory will 
serve again...

Let's see.... the tape included

		Kersetter's son, Forgal by name
		The first to wear the belt and chain
		the founder of our pride and fame
		the father of the Lodge

		Anton Tremayne who twice was King
		The first to wear the golden ring
		The lodge's name to history bring
		The glory of the Lodge

		Cuan MacDaige who wears the Crown
		A noble man and honour bound
		The fiercest of the hunting hounds
		The courage of the Lodge

		Timmeke who went across the sea
		To Drachewald with his lady
		To win the Crown in victory and
		Honour for the Lodge

		Count Kai who left his Eastern home
		to kneel before Atlantia's throne
		His strength and grace we'll call our own
		The prowess of the Lodge

Now we have
		With sword arm strong and councilwise
		Duncan has won his knightly prize
		The rock on which the house relies
		His duty for the Lodge

		Let Edwyn born in Eastern lands
		Give aid with stout and sturdy hands
		And join our house to make his stand
		His service for the Lodge

		When men take arms for battles fray
		And hold their ground in thick melee
		There Caignon's might shall`prove the day
		His fire for the Lodge

		Stout knights of old and noble strain
		To honour's roll add William's name
		This rose of courtliness acclaim
		The valour of the Lodge
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