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new emerald joust all text announcement

Poster: balynar@juno.com (Daniel T Brandel)

Okay, it took me a while, but at the bottom of this is an Emerald joust
all text anouncement. Also, we have already done one Seneschal mailing,
so bug them for a copy of the flyer, and we will be doing another one in
about a weeks time that will include the various tournament rules, as
well as the A&S competion information and a few more other tidbits of
info.  Anyway, here ya go

Emerald Joust - A.S. XXXII

May 23-26, 1997
The Barony of Caer Mear and The House of The Red are proud to welcome all
good gentles to competition both marshal and fair.  Come to the rolling
hills of Maidens , Virginia for chivalry, song , dance, and an all around
good time! Join us for 4 days of fun and festivities!

The fun begins! The site opens at 1 p.m. Friday afternoon.

For those of  a competitive nature, there will be many different
challenges to whet the appetite, For Arts and Sciences minded people, a
Curriculum Vitae will be held in the feast hall. For heavies, there will
be a one hour grand melee, follow by the Emerald chivalry tourney.  
There will also be a Rapier tournament, as well as a test of skills for
the archers of the kingdom. All this will be followed by a fine, gourmet
style feast.

Kingdom Day!  For A&S, there will be a scroll display , As well as a
relic competition. For the relic competition, the Kingdom of Atlantia
challenges all Households, Shires, Cantons, Baronies, and College's to
produce a piece of their past for the viewing of all. These relics can be
anything, from a suit of armor to a rock hard loaf of bread,  as long as
there is a colorful tale or display to relate the relics importance in
the groups history...but please, people do not qualify as relics. For
martial activities, there will be an Emperor's choice tourney ( more
rules and information to come). For Rapier, the Queen's choice
tournament. A camboc tournament ( yes, with teams and such)  will be held
for the enjoyment of those in a team sports frame of mind, as well as a
bardic competition for those who wish to express themselves in song or
story. There will also be an auction of a wonderful tapestry in the main
feast hall. A great feast will end the events of the day.  

The following Site Rules will be in effect at Emerald Joust: 
All attendees must have fun.
Underage drinking will NOT be tolerated; bring ID. 
Driving on grass will not be allowed for any reason.Bring a hand cart to
transport your things. 
Dogs must be on a leash and the leash in a human hand or confined to a
covered crate at all times.
Swimmers must wear at least a bathing suit. 
Children will not be allowed to ride in the back of open pick-up trucks. 
The speed limit in the camp is 15 miles an hour.

FROM RICHMOND, take I-64 west to exit #167 Oilville. At the top of the
ramp turn LEFT toward Goochland. Go approx. 1/4 mile and at the stop sign
** turn RIGHT on 250. Go approx. 1/2 miles and turn LEFT on Fairgrounds
Rd. (There will be a sign for Robert E. Lee Scout Reservation.) Go
approx. 3 1/2 miles and turn LEFT on Maidens Rd. Go 1 more mile and turn
LEFT into the camp. Follow the driveway to the RIGHT. There will be signs

FROM THE WEST, take I-64 east. Take the Oilville exit and turn RIGHT at
the top of the ramp. Go to the stop sign and follow directions from **
above. There will be signs posted.

FROM THE NORTH OR SOUTH, take your best route to I-64 west of Richmond,
VA. Take the Oilville exit and follow the directions above. There will be
signs posted.

The Autocrat is Lord Ragnar Blackhammer c/o Chuck Kane; 4922 Suburban
Ave. #2, Richmond, VA; 23230; (804)254-4643 (NLT 11:30 p.m.) e-mail:

Head Merchant is Lord Ian Andrew de Scroggs c/o James Howell; 996 Dorset
Rd; Powatan, VA 23139; (804) 598-2168 (NTL 10:00 p.m.). 

For Feast and Site Reservations contact Lord Balynar Buckhannh c/o Travis
Brandel; 1627 Charles St., Richmond , VA 23226 (804)288-2256 ( NLT 10:00
p.m.), Balynar@Juno.com

Prices for camping 
Arriving Friday = $9.00
Arriving Saturday = $6.00
Arriving Sunday = $3.00
Day trip = $3.00
Saturday feast = $4.50
Sunday Feast =$4.50

The Feast on Saturday will be a two tiered feast, patterned after the
methods of the period. Those in the upper tier will receive many of the
same benefits as high table, and the cost is only $3.00 more per person. 
This is in addition to the feast prices listed above. Upper tier space is
limited, so please reserve early.

Children under 12 are half price. Children under 2 are free. There will
be no off-board space in the feast hall as space is limited so get your
reservations in early!

Please Include with your information:

SCA Name: 	
Legal Name: 	
Address: 	 ZIP code: 	 - 	
Phone Number: (         )	 Age:      0 over 12      0 under 12 

I am camping and arriving on:     0 Friday      0 Saturday      0 Sunday
I am reserving for the feast on:     0 Saturday      0 Sunday
I am not camping. I will day-trip on the following days:      0 Saturday 
    0 Sunday

** PLEASE, for my peace of mind, Send this information for EACH person
over the age of two in your party.**

You may send one check or money order, payable to Barony of Caer Mear:
SCA, Inc, with each group of forms.

**These prices are for preregistration before May 1, 1997. For payment
after May 1, 1997 or at the site, an additional fee of $1 will be added
to the TOTAL camping cost and the TOTAL feast cost ( Example...Friday
through Monday and both feasts BEFORE May 1st = $18.00,  or Friday
through Monday AFTER May 1st = $20.00)**

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