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A Glass Thing

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

Inspired by the success of Caer Mear's String Thing following Coronation, 
Storvik and the glassworkers' guild, La Compagnia dei Maestri del Vetro, 
will be hosting a Glass Thing the day after University.  Those interested in 
the glass arts (lampworking, stained glass, glass painting, mosaic, etc.) 
are cordially invited to the home of Storvik's MOAS, Caitlin Cheannlaidir.

More details to be forthcoming, but pencil this into your calendars now! 
 Contact me directly if you would like more information or have questions...

Yours in service,

Caitlin Cheannlaidir, by grace of their Excellancies, MOAS Storvik, for
La Compagnia dei Maestri del Vetro.

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