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[minstrel & MR] A Sir We Dub

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Someone emailed me privately to command that I post the following
song, which I set to the tune of "To Sir, With Love":

By their acclaim,
The Chivalry
Request what We
Now say.
Call out the name,
So all may hear
Whom we make Peer
This day:
A lord who, last night, when We sent
Him on a vigil, went,
His path to choose.
Now let us listen to his views.

 Had you wanted a Baldric,
 We gladly would have made a Master,
 But since the Belt is what you're after,
 A Sir We Dub.

Long did you train,
And serve as Squire,
To learn required
Turn in your Chain
Of white alloy;
Your old Employer
But as you trade Argent for Or,
You'll find that Gold weighs more
Than Silver now,
Because it binds a greater Vow.

 As you pledge Us your Sword and your Hand
 We do accept them both.
 And as We gladly hear your oath,
 A Sir We Dub.

Adorn his shoe
With Spur to hold
A brighly golden
And, as you do,
Remind him not
To try to squat
Too far.
Lady, give this Belt of white
Unto your lord, and tightly
Gird his loins,
To mark the Company he joins.

 By the Chain, by the Spur, by the Belt,
 You have been now arrayed,
 So kneel and take your Accolade;
 A Sir We Dub.

-- Alfredo el Bufon, MSOB
Canton of Elvegast
Barony of Windmaster's Hill
Kingdom of Atlantia
Society of Creative Anachronism

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