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Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

I have tried very hard not to get involved in the discussion of how much 
force is necessary and when do we label someone a "Rhinohide".  But alas 
I have failed.  I simply offer my opinion into this mix.  My philosophy 
on fighting is very simple, I will fight whatever type of fight my 
opponent desires as long as it falls within the rules of the list.  If he 
(this includes women but I am not typing he/she a hundred times) wishes 
to bump his acknowledgement up to god like levels I will deliver god 
killing blows.  If he wants to fight a fight of skill I will certainly 
oblige him.  If he wants to take anything that touches him I will suggest 
he move to Meridies or deal with the fact that we in Atlantia do not play 
that way.  You only have a few choices when someone will not accept a 
        1. hit them harder (which has very little to do with upper body 
strength, but more so with technique)
	2. talk to them about it and hope that, if they are being 
unreasonable, you can meet halfway
	3. talk to the Chivalry regarding that individual and write to 
the Earl Marshal (files are kept on repeat instances of questionable 
acknowledgement, this is the only way that we can deal with our problem 

Those are the three best solutions I can offer (I am sure if there are 
better ones Tibor will be sure to let me know).  The simple facts are 
that this is a violent, yet not malicious, sport that we compete in.  
There are certain expectation that we have for people to participate in 
this sport.  One such expectation is that a person lands a blow with a 
reasonable amount of force as to simulate actual armored combat.  That 
blow should not be counted if the force behind it would not have done any 
damage to an opponent.  The easiest solution to this "problem" is to 
deliver enough force so that your opponent doesn't question whether or 
not a shot was good and take less than you give.  It works for me.
Just my opinion

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