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Medieval Rose Source

Poster: viking@csra.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen,Maria Munitz,Giuseppina de'Materesi)

>What a cool idea; I'll have to try that!  I bet it would also be good
>added to sekanjabin.

There is a comparable version to sekanjabin.  Ask one of the members of the
cooking guild from South Downs (Atlanta)  Awesome stuff.
Thanks for the book tip. 
>Middle-Eastern groceries are also a good source if you have any in 
>your area.

Unfortunately, despite living in Augusta, which is covered in Hospitals,
including the Medical College of Georgia, which means we have a large
Middle Eastern community, there are no MIddle Eastern groceries (or Greek
Grocers in spite of a sizable Greek community.)

>>     Right now I'm working on a cordial that seems Very promising- Cherry
>> Rose.  I hope to enter that into an A&S flower competition in a neighboring
>> barony, Hidden Mountains 14th Baronial Birthday ( Ok, is it wrong to
>> advertise for another group?) which looks to be a really great event.
>Now that was (almost!) enough inducement to pry me into traveling so
>far from home!  (I don't travel well at all; I don't go to events
>further south than Virginia.)

For you I'll send a private e-mail later,OK?

    Anyway, I grow my own organic roses for use in recipes.  I highly
>> recommend Red Masterpiece, a true old damask rose with a color and aroma
>> that characterizes that class of rose.
>I'm growing an Apothecary now, and hope to add the White Rose of York
>next month when I make my annual pilgrimage to the Heritage Rosarium
>in Maryland.
>I *love* roses!  Hey, did you know Avon has re-issued (limited time
>only, of course!) their 1972 perfume, Roses Roses?
>> Giusi

Guess what I just found on the net.  A WWW site for Medieval Roses.  It's
off a Medieval Arts ans Crafts Page or Ravensgard.  But listed on this page
was both the Apothocary and the White Rose of York.  The catalog is $3.00
(Can or US funds)
Pickering Nurseries Inc.
670 Kingston Rd.
Pickering, Ontario
Canada L1V 1A6

I know what one Yorkist lady is getting for her birthday!

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