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Re: P.S. new search

Poster: viking@csra.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen,Maria Munitz,Giuseppina de'Materesi)

>Giusi wrote:
>> Does anyone know where I can find some orange blossom water?  It took me 5
>> years just to find a sourse for rose water.  This is going to be harder.
>> Giusi
>Where do you live? I have no trouble finding rose water or pomegranate
>juice or other such sundries at the local Middle Eastern groceries nearby.
>I haven't seen orange blossom water, but then I've never looked for it.
>There are also some large Oriental groceris nearby that carry a variety
>of unusual food items.
>Come September the ME grocery in my neighbourhood will be stocking fresh
>dates as well. I once talked to Tadgh about using fresh dates to make a
>cordial. I may have to try that some time.
>Anyway, let me know where you are and I'll see if I can find the water for
>In service,

Thank you 
  I live in Augusta, which is overpopulated with more than its fair share
of hospitals, including the Medical College of Geogia.  So we have a large
Middle Eastern population.  Unfortunately, there is no grocer in town to
cater to them.  Not even for the large Greek population we have.  We do
have an Indian store, the Majaraja, but it's supplies are limited, since
they try to carry a little bit of everything.  They're rosewater is very
weak, and no orange blossom water.  They do have a nice rose syrup which is
one of the ingredients I used in my cherry rose cordial, substituting some
of the plain syrup with the rose.
Again, thank you

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