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Re: coat of arms necessary vs required (fwd)

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

> Poster: TismanBRos@aol.com
> Out of curiosity, what style did the Celts and Norse use?  I know that the
> Munro crest has a tartan background, but a swooping hawk clutching a banner
> in its talons...  It doesn't seem to carry to the "no color on a color"
> rule...  It's actually gotten me quite confused...

Actually, the clan crests are almost all feildless.  Most are displayed
with the clan tartan in the background though, for obvious reasons.  But
it is not necessary.  And this would not date back to the Celto-Nordic
period in Scotland, either.  I for one have no idea what kind of heraldic
devices, if any, were used by the Celts or Norse in Scotland.

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