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Re: Submissions (was coats of arms) (fwd)

Poster: clevin@rci.ripco.com (Craig Levin)


> It's the armorial that's got it wrong.  As was documented in my submission,
> the use family names was not common practice in my period/location.  The
> "mac" is a patronymic, I'm Findlaech, son of Alasdair.  Variations include
> Finlaech, Finnlaech, and others.  The use of MacAlasdair or MacAllister as a
> family name comes a good bit later.  

I'm aware of this-I've occasionally been tempted to go to a
patronymic myself, to make the name a bit more authentic (ie.,
Pedro Fernandez de Alcazar, or just Pedro Fernandez), but that'd
require me to finally pin down the Alcazar family tree.

> Perhaps the good heralds are better at the details now, but when my name was
> passed, I was told that "MacAlasdair" was how it would be recorded, even
> though that really wasn't my name.  Rather than argue the point, I yielded
> to the bureaucrats for their recordkeeping purposes.  Of course, as my
> personna as lately wandered toward later period and spiffier garb, maybe it
> was just a foreshadowing.

The study of names in the SCA has come a long way from when I
registered, and that's only 7 years ago. I'd say that we'd have
less of a problem now with the form you'd preferred then.

Craig Levin
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