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[MR] Boat Wars May 3'rd - Date and Food

Poster: Joyce Baldwin <jocetta@ibm.net>

Good Gentles,

(harassed looking redheaded woman enters still clutching a large 

Oh dear, oh dear.  I just heard rumors that some people are thinking 
of not coming to Boat Wars because they think the feast/theme is 
Mediterranean.  Not true!  The theme is still Norse/Celtic with a 
very **Northern** feast with lots of beef, chicken barley stew (made 
with cider, very yummy), Danish browned cabbage (much tastier than 
it sounds), honey-oat cakes, sourcream raisin pie, and other hearty 
delicious NORTHERN dishes.
This came about because my original proposal was Mediterranean, but 
after discussion I decided to go with a feast more in keeping with 
the event theme.

Also, as I said in an earlier posting - the date in the April Acorn 
is INCORRECT!  Boat Wars will be held by Buckston-on-Eno on May 
THIRD! - actually the 2'nd through the 4'th.  The site this year is 
new, the Optimist's Farm south of Raleigh, and is discreetly WET, 
unlike last year's dry site - nor do the gates shut at sunset.  The 
rest of the info in the Acorn is correct - or email the autocrat, 
Ezekiel the Slightly Demented.  His address is:  

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.  Thank 
you all!

I'm going to need some cider for the chicken stew...of course, I 
will have to check it for quality...

(sits down and begins sipping daintily but thirstily on a mug of 


Jocetta Thrushleigh of Rowansgarth -  who really will figure out how 
to attach a spiffy sig line after Boat Wars (May 2'nd -4'th, you 

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