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Poetica Atlantia?

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> Can someone on this list tell me when the competition will be for
> the next Poetica Atlantia, or have I already missed it?

I don't know if it _is_ but believe that it _should_be_ held at
the same time and place as the competition for Poeta Atlantiae,
since the idea of Fair Atlantia herself being poetic is linked
(in my mind, at least) to the office of Poet of Atlantia.

-- Alfredo el Bufon
Pedant, noun.
  1 obsolete : a male schoolteacher
  2 a : one who makes a show of knowledge
    b : one who is unimaginative or who unduly emphasizes minutiae
        in the presentation or use of knowledge
    c : a formalist or precisionist in teaching

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