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Re: Stupid questions

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Ash asked,
> > What is the general given time for the Middle Ages?
> > 
> > as in from what to what? :)
> > 
> > thank you and sorry to ask a stupid question.

O senhor Pedro de Alcazar began his excellent scholarly reply

> Imprimis: There is no such thing a a stupid question, least of
> all the one you just asked.

This sounds like a challange to me.
How about,

  When Achilles was disguised as a woman to avoid the Trojan War
  draft, what name did he go by?  (Homer doesn't say.)

Later, Lord Pedro says,

> Politically, Great Britain is still mediaeval-most of the
> Renaissance governments tried to put an end to their Parliaments'
> power as soon as possible. For the most part, though, these
> Parliaments were goners by 1500.

Does this mean that a constitional monarchy (sort of East Kingdom
style) is a medieval feature, and an absolute monarch (a la Atlantia)
is a modern invention (or maybe a renaissance of ancient Greek tyrants)?
I think this is at odds with the popular concept of medieval politics.

Anyway, I wouldn't say GB is _still_ medieval; meseems that after
the Commonwealth they're just doing medieval recreation, just
like the SCA.

-- Alfredo el Bufon

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