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Emerald Bardic Competition

Poster: "Robin A Jensen" <griffaud@hearts.tez.net>

To all Bards, Minstrels, Troubadours,Trouveres, and Musicians:

Let it be known that on Sunday the 25th of May,at the great Emerald Joust a
Puy shall be held in honor of our Kingdom's birthday. He (or she) that
exhibits the greatest skill and talent shall be named "Prince of the Puy"
as is the ancient tradition by the hand of our most gracious Queen, in the
full attendance of Her court...

The Puy were music competitions held in France in the 13th century.The
winner of these contests were named "prince of the puy", and were sometimes
crowned with a wreath of laurel leaves.

Our Puy shall begin at 10:00 on the field.Their Majesties have asked that
the material be "stuff we haven't heard a million times before..." and so
our theme shall be :Novel or not often heard period pieces, (or pieces
written in a period style), or intersting, unique arrangements of period
works.Contestants are expected to provide their documantion verbally, as a
part of their performance.Performers may perform as many pieces as they
chose, however, the entire performance time alotted to each performer shall
not excede five minutes.

Any further questions should be addressed to Bryce de Byram(Duane Moore
[804] 329-0369), and not sent to this e-mail account.

Many thanks to Robin and Caitlin, for the use of this account to post this.

Bryce de Byram
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