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Re: Yo: Heralds....

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>

At 7:20 PM -0400 5/12/97, John Strauss wrote:
>Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss@gmu.edu>
>I need a good, period style cant for "Hanscombe".
According to _A Dictionary of English Surnames_, (Reaney and Wilson, 3ed.),
under Hanscomb, they list Hanscombe as a variant spelling among the header
forms. They cite one Alan de Hanscombe 1255 Rams (Beds). From Hanscombe End
in Shillington (Beds).

That would make it some sort of placename, but Ekwall's _British Place Names_
does not include this. Neither did I find this listed in two other English
place name books at hand. However from clues in Mills _English Place-Names_,
it appears that this may be an Old English compound of Hana's Combe, or
Hana's valley.

You might use a comb of some sort to get a partial cant.


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